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Advocacy is about protecting our clients interests throughout the entire home selling process. It means we care about risk management, avoiding lawsuits and negotiating the most favorable price and terms for the sale of your property.


In over 500 transactions, we have had only one lawsuit filed - our client prevailed and won legal fees. We have never lost a buyer's deposit and we have successfully obtained buyer deposits for our sellers when the buyer did not perform. 

Advocacy includes:

  • Reviewing the merits of every offer received, confirming pre-approval and funds to close

  • Presenting the pros and cons of each offer received and providing meaningful advice

  • Fully explaining the terms of the purchase agreement and all addendums

  • Making sure that our sellers have properly disclosed all relevant information to the buyer

  • Keeping the transaction on track, ensuring that all parties are adhering to timelines

  • Conferring with our Risk Management department for all legal questions

  • Advising our clients when obstacles get in the way of our timeline
  • Negotiating repair requests after the home inspection to minimize additional expenses

  • Properly documenting each transaction to ensure absolute compliance 

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