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You need to know that the organization and people you hire have the experience and track record necessary to achieve success.



Todd and Nancy Moeller formed The Moeller Team in 2004. Our mission was to deliver a level of service unprecedented in our industry. To build a team of advisers and marketing experts, not salespeople. Our strategy is to apply leading corporate marketing technologies to an industry that typically settles for an MLS entry and a sign in the yard.


We provide the entire package - financial advisory, tax advisory, home marketing preparation, a corporate level marketing strategy, negotiation to fully advocate on our client's behalf and a fierce loyalty to delivering the upmost care and service.

Ateka Balkhi was a natural addition to our team, sharing both our family and business values. She is an advocate for our communities, our environment, many nonprofit organizations and our Veterans. Ateka brings a global perspective to our marketing and a talent for connecting people from varied industries, philanthropies and nationalities.

Together we are committed to delivering a unique real estate experience. 



Nancy Moeller

Real Estate Broker, Certified Public Accountant

Nancy started her career in 1991 as a CPA in public accounting. She has 25 years experience in the real estate, finance and training industries, helping other professionals deliver the highest level of customer care. The strengths she deliver for our clients are attention to detail, tax expertise, in-depth market knowledge and a willingness to do whatever it takes to exceed client and industry expectations.


Todd Moeller

Real Estate Advisor, Relocation and Renovation Specialist

Todd has been in the business of relationships for nearly 30 years. His strengths are connecting people, marketing and properly improving properties. He helps our team create strong relationships within the local and broker communities. Todd is also in charge of property rehab, preservation and staging so we can sell our client's properties for top market value.

Ateka Head Shot resized.jpg

Ateka Balkhi

Real Estate Advisor, Veterans Specialist

Whether it is for her clients, the environment, notforprofit organizations or her extensive extended family spread around the world, Ateka believes in leaving a lasting positive impression and holds herself accountable to a high standard of service and respect.  Ateka has most recently been working with nonprofit organizations such as Grandma’s House of Hope and Anaheim Community Foundation locally, as well as national organizations like American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association. 

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