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Must be present to win

On a typical showing day, I show an average of six properties. Almost always, I access the property with a lockbox. Almost always, the house is locked up and dark when I arrive. I immediately turn on lights and open exterior doors. I present the home based on the information in the listing. I have no particular bias in my showing as the other five showings may be just as good or better.

Every once in a while, I run into a showing appointment that mirrors our own personal approach. It’s rare and refreshing. The listing agent greets us at the door. After making sure we are COVID safe, they invite us into the brightly lit, beautifully staged home. Keeping a polite distance, they share additional information about the house and stand ready to answer questions. I’m free to experience the house with my client, not looking for light switches and constantly referring to the listing sheet.

The experience is similar to touring a model home, but with a guide. The house becomes more memorable because it was leisurely presented at its best. These are the houses the get the strongest offers with the most committed buyers. I also know that these agents will be at the home inspection and appraisal, ensuring the transaction stays on track and buyer concerns are addressed.

Bottom line, as real estate agents, we are paid to engage in the entire process. To do so, we must always be present to win. All of our online marketing efforts have one goal – drive showings. We cannot afford to be lazy - even in a hot seller’s market. We must protect our sellers by assuring a COVID-safe showing. We must respect our sellers by presenting their home professionally and with enthusiasm. Once in escrow, we must continue to engage in the process and attend every transactional event.

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