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Transaction boards

Every day, we are involved in real estate transactions. It's what we do. Every once in a while, our clients are involved in a real estate transaction. It's not what they do.

We built to provide our clients a one page snapshot view of everything that is happening in their real estate transaction. The board is set up into 4 columns, including 1) Premarketing Activities, 2) Marketing Activities, 3) Showings and Feedback, and 4) Escrow Timeline. We also have a version for buyers.

When our clients click on a task, they see the scheduled date and any associated documents or links. We update our boards every morning which keeps us on track and provides our clients with complete transactional knowledge and transparency.

Should you ever wish to demo our application or learn more about our corporate-level marketing strategy, please schedule an appointment on our home page or give us a call.

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